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"Give Wings To Your Horse !"

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FLY Endurance Saddles : a Revolution in the world of lightweight horse saddles !

Made in Europe, developed and designed in closed collaboration with some of the best international endurance riders, our FLY ultralight carbon saddles (1.300 grams nude / 3.000 grams full equiped with straps, webbers, stirrups and girth), dedicated to equestrian endurance sport, are declined, for instance, in two models : Classixx (flat seat) and Dunexx (deep seat).

For each, you have also the choice between moving panels (better adaptability to different types of horses) or not : Flexx or Fixx.

For Fixx, you have the choice between thin arcade opening (4.0 / 19 cms) or wide (4.+ / 21 cms).

The seats are covered with synthetic memory foams (Sintexx models), or italian resistant and comfortable leather (Luxx models).

All of the saddles are available in a large range of colors and have to respond to a strict level of quality control, even their price stays reasonable (excluded VAT: €1.897,00 for Fixx, €2.145,00 for Flexx). For the high quality leather version (Luxx) of these models, there is a price increase of 20%.

Accessories as bridles, girths, pads, protections, straps, webbers, etc. complete the range of our main products. 

You can shop FLY from all around the world on www.flyendurancesaddles.com , excepted from United States of America (USA) : please, use www.enduranceboutique.net

So, now, give Wings to your Horse ! Ride with FLY !


+32 2 520 21 00 (office)  or +32 474 55 07 04 (mobile)

  • Carbon FLY Stirrups

    Entirely carbon, this very resistant stirrups pair weighs barely 700 grams (350 each unit). The...

    €175.00 excl. tax

  • Biothan FLY Straps Set

    Set of 4 strong and souple biothane straps to fix the girth at the saddle (the 2 for the front are slightly...

    €50.00 excl. tax

  • Thin FLY Webbers

    These ultra-strong biothane webbers, 2 cms wide, attach to the saddle via a tie-type knot. The adjustment...

    €100.00 excl. tax

  • Large FLY Webbers

    The two attachment points of these 5 cm wide webbers (at the top, to the saddle / at...

    €125.00 excl. tax