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FLY Endurance Saddles : a Revolution in the world of lightweight horse saddles !

Developed and designed in closed collaboration with some of the best international endurance riders, the FLY ultralight carbon saddles, dedicated to equestrian endurance sport, are declined, for instance, in two models : ClassX (flat seat) and DunX (deep seat).

For each FLY model, the arcade opening is 21 cms, the reach of the skates on the horse's back is 48 cms, the seat is 17.5" (SyntX) and 17.0" (LuX), and the weight of the nude saddle is 1.300 grams (SyntX) and 1.800 grams (LuX), i.e. +/- 3,000 and 3,500 grams fully equipped with straps, webbers, stirrups and girth. 

The seats of the FLY saddles are covered with synthetic memory foams (SyntX models), or italian resistant and comfortable leather (LuX models).

All of the FLY saddles are available in a large range of colors and have to respond to a strict level of quality control, even their price stays reasonable (excluded VAT: € 2.066,00 for SyntX, € 2.355,00 for LuX). 

Accessories as bridles, girths, pads, protections, straps, webbers, etc. complete the range of FLY main products. 

You can shop FLY from all around the world on www.flyendurancesaddles.com , excepted from United States of America (USA) : please, use www.enduranceboutique.net

So, now, give Wings to your Horse ! Ride with FLY !


+32 2 520 21 00 (office)  or +32 474 55 07 04 (mobile)

  • ClassX FLY SyntX

    The ClassX FLY SyntX saddle weighs 1.300 grams. Its structure is entirely made of...

    €2,066.00 excl. tax

  • XPert FLY SyntX

    The XPert FLY SyntX saddle weighs 1.500 grams. Its structure is entirely made of...

    €2,148.76 excl. tax

  • ClassX FLY LuX

    The ClassX FLY LuX saddle is the leather version of the Sintexx Classixx FLY Fixx model. It...

    €2,355.37 excl. tax

  • DunX FLY SyntX

    The DunX FLY SyntX saddle weighs 1.300 grams. Its structure is entirely made of carbon. Its...

    €2,066.12 excl. tax

  • DunX FLY LuX

    The DunX FLY LuX saddle is the leather version of the DunX FLY LuX model. It weighs 1.800 grams. Its...

    €2,355.37 excl. tax