DunX FLY SyntX

The DunX FLY SyntX saddle weighs 1.300 grams. Its structure is entirely made of carbon. Its seat is covered with memory foam. This deep seat, of universal size, makes it easy to ride long-length. The DunX FLY SyntX is ideal for great step trainings everywhere and for endless canters on flat terrains (desert, beach, river bank, … ), but not only ! 

Although the DunX FLY SyntX is primarily designed for seated riding, it provides horse and rider with total balance while allowing great freedom of movement for both.

The panels of the DunX FLY SyntX are fixed. The arch opening is 21 cms and is suitable with most of the horses.

In terms of colors, in principle, 5 shades are available from stock: black, white, grey, blue and red. Other colours are also possible. You have the choice between using a single color or mixing one color for the structure and another for the seat. The DunX FLY SyntX is supplied with its 4 biothane straps. These always have the same color as the seat. To choose the colours, please contact us : flyendurance@gmail.com

The DunX FLY SyntX will delight both endurance riders in the Middle East and lovers of long walks all over the world.

The DunX FLY SyntX is delivered in a practical and very useful sport bag, interesting for saddling your horse the morning of a competition for example.

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