COMPOSITI Ellipse Air Pro Stirrups Pair

Single-branch stirrup with shock absorber, due to its unique shape, which ensures robustness and durability, the COMPOSITI Ellipse Air Pro Stirrup combines all the key qualities in terms of safety, comfort and design in a single model. Safety is ensured by the open outer branch, which allows the foot to be released in the event of a fall, and by the absence of weak points (internal metal reinforcement in a “C” shape makes it unbreakable). Comfort is optimised by the wide tread with shock absorber that tilts backwards to allow the foot to move naturally. This unique system releases tension in knees and joints. The metal spikes offer enhanced grip at all times. And finally, its innovative, contemporary design focussed on safety is available in all Compositi colours. Interchangeable eyelets give the choice between classic or perpendicular stirrup positions. Both classic and perpendicular eylets are provided in the box with the stirrups.

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€135.00 excl. tax €163.35 inc. tax